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Winter Jewelry is dazzling

Le 17 décembre 2014, 11:13 dans Lifestyle 0

Woman is to flower what jewelry is to water. Water the flower every day, they will stand in full bloom and show you the most beautiful side. The flawless luster of jewelries will make women feel brighter and better. Diamond, gold, platinum and silver – all of them can function as a finishing point. If you are limited on budget, cheap gold jewelry online is a good bet. So if you want to make your promise, propose with gold love jewelry. Everyone knows what it means in the deep.

 Gold Bracelets

Secondly, jade is a strong performer in the jewelry world. Usually jade is thought to condense the spirit or the anima of the nature. The abundant and delicate color of jade will bring auspiciousness and joy as well as calmness. A good real jade is rare and precious, and will be carefully attended to by craftsman. So they can be much pricier than other jewelries. Jade bracelets are seen mostly, and are often given as heartfelt gifts.

 Gold Hair Pin

When it comes to gemstone, one special kind that’s often mentioned by the mass is ruby for its nick name “stone of love”. According to Sanskrit, ruby stands for the holy flame and the king of jewelry. It is famous for its brightness and the pure but forceful strength implied in it. Also, emerald and sapphire are also gaining popularity comparing with cheap gold jewelry online. In the distant past gemstones were often regarded to maintain magic power, whereas today they are given a hue of fashion in addition to elegance and dignity. Those who are addicted to gemstones will be crazy about them, and would love to put those beautiful stuffs on.

Something on jewelry for your bridesmaids

Le 16 décembre 2014, 05:11 dans Mode 0

The fall is coming near, but most of us have yet to say goodbye to the colorful summer. However there is one thing that keeps running high all the time from summer to autumn—wedding —romantic and yeah! As we know it, everything on the wedding is all about the bride. The jewelry, the flower, the dress…all is picked meticulously including the bridesmaids’ jewelry. So what to note when choosing jewelry for bridesmaid?  

Lady Rose Pearl Studded Ring

One thing we must really keep in mind is that the most captivating jewelry belongs to the bride. The bridesmaids’ jewelry should never do better than the bride’s. Supposing the bride will be wearing diamonds, the bridesmaids might as well try crystal jewelry. If the wedding is planned to be economical, it’s good to choose inexpensive bridesmaid jewelry sets at to slash the cost.   We are suggested to start working on the bride’s wedding dress from color to pattern to determine the theme that the bridesmaids should follow. After that it will be much easier to choose jewelry for the bridesmaids. Also, we can go to the bridesmaids asking for their ideas. Having knowledge of their preference will keep us from falling into a rut.  

Pearl Choker Collar Necklace

 But we don’t always have to buy the whole jewelry set. We can pair the items by ourselves, and, again, refer to the dresses before making decisions. For example, strapless bridesmaid’s dresses will need a necklace but those with halter neck don’t. It’s very appropriate to go for pearl necklaces or choker necklaces. Besides, silver necklaces out of all metallic ones are a good bet as they lay low, but are elegant and will never outshine the bride’s jewelry.   As we have made up our mind on necklaces, we start looking for suitable earrings. In the same way, earrings serve to complement the dress but need to match the necklace. Taking the neckline into account, we choose studs to go with high necklines while dangle earrings look perfect with off-shoulder and v-necks.  

Pearl Earrings 

Still, there is a part we should never leave out—the bracelet. As bridesmaids will be holding flower bouquets at the spot, what they wear on wrists are much likely to become the sparkling points. This offers a chance for the bride or bridesmaid to add their personal styles to the wedding. Affordable at, the charms on bracelets may symbolize the friendship or the romance at the wedding scene. If we don’t want too many differences on the bridesmaid jewelry, an alternative called glove is worth considering. Wearing gloves add a sense of holiness and pureness which is more than welcome on the wedding.